Why organic?

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"100% organic means you can rest assured..."

Since we're certified organic, you know that our farm is tightly monitored to ensure that everything we do is in accordance with strict organic standards.

We are independently inspected and have to comply with rigorous requirements, 365 days a year.

This is to ensure that the meat you buy from us is of the highest quality available, anywhere on the planet.

Plus, did you know that organic farms emit as little as half the carbon-dioxide as industrial farms, provide an effective carbon-sink, and use much less fuel-energy than conventional farms? For every 10,000 farms that switch to organic production, it's the equivalent of taking one-million cars off the road.

And of course, 100% organic means no drugs, no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides, no chemicals, no toxins, and no contaminants... and animals that are treated humanely and allowed to live as they were designed to.