The best way to cook grass-fed beef

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"Grass-fed beef is leaner, and takes much less time to cook..."

In order to experience the exceptional flavor and health benefits of "100% grass-fed beef", you must cook it properly.

First and foremost, do not overcook grass-fed beef. It contains very little fat-marbling, and so it requires about 30% less cook-time than regular supermarket beef. Grass-fed beef doesn't have a lot of spare fat to keep it moist if you overcook it, which is why it will dry-out quickly if you cook it for too long.

If you are barbecuing burgers, throw them on partially frozen, they'll stay juicier that way. Cook them for about 30% less time than you would a regular burger. When you cook them right, the flavor is phenomenal. (Note: burgers are the only thing we recommend cooking while still partially frozen. Everything else, thaw completely before cooking).

If you are barbecuing steaks, the higher-end cuts (like tenderloin, porterhouse, striploin, t-bone and prime rib) will cook very quickly, so you have to remember to barbecue them for about 30% less time than you would regular supermarket steaks.

The more economical cuts (like sirloin, round, flank, brisket and chuck/blade) are best tenderized, preferably marinated for several hours before you cook them.

We often sear our burgers, steaks and roasts before we cook them, as we find they stay juicier that way.

In short, remember that "100% grass-fed beef" requires around 30% less cook time!