What makes our beef different?

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Conventional supermarket beefSumas Mountain Farms beef
Low in Omega 3's due to grain diet.High in Omega 3's due to grass-only diet.
Cattle kept in high-density feed-lots for long periods.Cattle have total freedom, year-round grazing system.
Conventional system.Full organic certification.
High ecological impact system, e.g. slurry, pollution, etc.Ecologically-beneficial system that is natural, sustainable and responsible.
Emphasis on fast weight-gain in cattle.Emphasis on slow, natural weight gain in cattle.
Factory scale farm.Family scale farm.
Contains high levels of fat.Contains minimal levels of fat, usually 30% less.
Processed rapidly and vac-packed with no water loss.All beef dry-aged prior to packaging.
May be imported. High food miles.Local to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Low food miles.
Fast food.Slow food.
Fed on genetically modified grains.GMO free/hormone-free/drug-free/chemical-free diet.
Beef often comes from worn-out dairy cattle, sometimes diseased with antibiotic residues.Our meat products are from healthy beef, raised certified-organically on grass.
Major focus of factory farming is that every usable square foot has to return a profit.Our entire farm is ecologically-sustainable, with large portions functioning as wildlife habitat.
Grain-fed beef production --- For all grains fed, only 5% will end up as human food- grains which could've been eaten by humans.Grass-only beef production utilizes grass which is not digestible by humans to produce a food product for human consumption.