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We often get wonderful comments from our valuable customers about our beef, chicken and eggs. Here are a few of them we'd like to share with you.

As a regular customer of Sumas Mountain Farms we have come to trust and appreciate the environmental leadership presented.

From my interactions and observations on Sumas Mountain Farms it is evident that these folks care deeply about the environment and take very careful measures to preserve it.

I am a regular customer at Sumas Mountain Farms. I feel extremely privileged to buy from them, and to have access to such an incredible resource.

My wife and I had developed allergic rash to food chemicals some years ago. Luckily we found Sumas Mountain Farms.

We have been purchasing our meat and eggs through Sumas Mountain Farms for over 3 years now.

I am a huge fan and loyal customer of Sumas Mountain Farms.

I recently ended my three years of veganism and your product is the only one I trust.

...It has a clean natural flavor, reminiscent of how I remember beef tasting when I was a child. After tasting their beef we would never buy our beef products elsewhere...

...significant improvement in taste and quality over what is available in typical grocery stores and delis. Knowing that Sumas Mountain Farms maintains the highest standards in humane treatment of animals completes the picture for me.

The chicken was so fresh and juicy. Definitely one of the best tasting chickens I've ever had.