About our farm

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"In the heart of the Fraser Valley... about one hour east of Vancouver"

Our small family farm in Abbotsford is the only certified-organic and SPCA-certified beef farm in the Fraser Valley that produces "100% grass-fed & finished" beef. We are also unique because we offer free-range pastured eggs, (learn more here).

Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford.
We are independently inspected and have to comply with rigorous requirements, 365 days a year.

And, because our farm is 100% family-owned, you can rest assured that everything that bears our name is produced on our farm with the greatest attention to every detail.

Since our farm is certified-organic, our pastures and animals contain no chemicals, pesticides, hormones, toxins or contaminants.

Grazing cow
Plus, our cows live outside... exclusively. During the warmer months they graze on our certified-organic pasture, and during the colder months we feed them certified-organic hay. They never get grain.

As such, our cows grow more slowly than feed-lot animals. In fact, our animals often take up 2 years longer to put on weight as a grain-fed animal. That's one reason why "100% grass-fed beef" is often more expensive than feedlot beef --- it takes much longer to produce.

But, the wait is worth it, because the beef we produce is healthier and more flavorful... plus it's better for the planet.

You see, our pastures never receive chemical fertilizers, and therefore the soil is healthier and filled with beneficial microbes. The result is better grass that is nutrient-rich, which in turn makes the cows healthier and happier. Learn more about our holistic approach to farm management here.

Grazing cow with calfs
Plus, because our cows are never fed grain their digestive tracts are healthy, and therefore require no antibiotics.

In short, our cows lead healthy and happy lives, living as they were designed to... and that's better for all of us.