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What's The Abbotsford Environmental Leadership Award for the Fraser Valley?

"Our farm was selected as winner of the 2016 Environmental Leadership Award for Local Food"

We were honored to be selected as winner in the Agrilinks category of the Environmental Leadership Award for the Fraser Valley. This represents "Local Food" --- and we are particularly delighted with being recognized for our "initiative, dedication, and hard work" that we have put into caring for our environment and protecting our natural heritage.

The environmental award is granted by the Abbotsford Matsqui Rotary Club, who graciously provided not only the award but also hosted the venue and lovely awards dinner. It is wonderful to see a local community organization such as Rotary choosing to recognize and honor those in the farming community who are trying to steward our ecological resources responsibly.

Most people are unaware that organic farms emit approximately half of the carbon that gets emitted by large-scale industrial farming operations. Organic farms act as a natural "carbon sink" and use less fuel-energy than typical agribusinesses. It has been estimated that for every ten-thousand farms that become organic, it is equivalent to removing 1 million cars from the roads.

Plus, being certified organic means there are no antibiotics, no synthetics, no pesticides or chemicals, no pharmaceuticals, no contaminants, no toxins, and no antibiotics.

We're grateful to be recognized as one of Abbotsford's leaders in Environmental stewardship.

Sumas Mountain Farms was selected as winner of this environmental award.