Our beef is much leaner, and more flavorful

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"Beef that is healthier and tastier..."

Our 100% grass-fed beef is quite a bit leaner than the beef you buy in the supermarket. That's because we don't fatten our animals at feed lots, nor do we feed them any grain. You see, feeding grain to an animal results in beef that is marbled with fat.

But a 100% grass-fed animal has very little marbling. The meat is leaner, and as a result the flavor is "meatier" and more flavorful than grain-fed supermarket beef. If you really like the taste of meat, you will probably prefer 100% grass-fed beef.

You will also enjoy the health benefits of 100% grass-fed beef over supermarket beef. That's because the vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids found in 100% grass-fed beef are much higher than grain-fed beef. In terms of health benefits, 100% grass-fed beef compares favorably to fish (with the added bonus of not having mercury or heavy-metals in it).

All this is common sense. Cows weren't designed to live on feed-lots, nor were their stomachs designed to eat large quantities of grain. When cows are fed nothing but grass, they'll produce healthier and more flavorful meat, which is good news for you and your family.