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Sumas Mountain Farms is the only 100% certified organic "grass-fed & finished" beef producer in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, in the heart of the Fraser Valley --- about an hour east of Vancouver.

Our caring approach to the health of the land and the animals has led to the creation of beef products that are truly healthy... and exceptionally flavorful. Our entire farm is certified organic, so you can rest assured that our products begin and end with the highest standards.

Latest posts from our farm:

Why Happy Cows Love Rotational Grazing... Watch As They Get Moved

Because our cows are raised exclusively on grass, we use a system of pasture management called rotational grazing, where we move our cows into new pastures sequentially. It's sort of like moving them through a "buffet-line" of grass. This results in beneficial effects for the grass, the soil, and... (read more)

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Watch As These Happy Chickens Enjoy Life, On The Grass And In The Sun

Have you tried our certified organic chicken yet? We believe it's the most humanely raised chicken available in the Lower Mainland. Plus, it's absolutely delicious. Our chickens are soy-free and get plenty of grass, bugs, and sunshine --- and they get to enjoy simple pleasures of life such as being outside, experiencing the smells... (read more)

Just Born: New Piglets, And They're Absolutely Adorable

One of our mama sows just had 9 piglets and we wanted to share this adorable video of her with her babies. Watch as the piglets nurse from their contented mom, who is utterly calm and just happy to be able to finally take a rest.

You'll notice that the pigs are brown, not pink.... (read more)

Why is Sumas Mountain Farms certified-organic, grass-fed & finished beef the best choice?
Ours is the healthiest beef available to consumers in the Lower Mainland. That's a bold statement, so let us explain. Many others can offer organic beef, and some can offer a "grass-fed" product, but Sumas Mountain Farms offers ONLY certified organic grass-fed & finished beef. We don't use anything except nature to produce a healthy, tender and flavorful cut of beef.
What makes certified-organic "grass-fed & finished" beef different?
Certified-organic "grass fed & finished" beef is the only meat that is delivered to the consumer in a completely natural way. Our cattle are raised exclusively in our open pastures and are never fattened on a feed lot. They eat 100% grass, not grain or genetically-modified feed, and are never contaminated by hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, pesticides or chemicals of any kind. In contrast to typical grocery store beef, and even beef labeled as "natural", our certified organic "grass fed & finished beef" comes to you with all the goodness that beef was intended to have... and nothing else. Find out more about what makes our beef different.

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